How to drive sales on social media: user generated content

Free social media is dead. With the constant changes in algorithm, posts on social platforms are not shown in chronological order anymore, which means that it has become quite difficult for brands to achieve sales and to build relationships with its audience without paying for ads. Notwithstanding, this is quite a predicament for young brands that like to use social networks because they were cheap but still efficient and now have to invest in paid advertising for their content to be seen. But communicators should not despair as algorithm also means the rise of user-generated-content, which can acuatlly lead to even better engagement rates. (EDIT 29 June The social media platform Facebook has just announced that it will cut traffic of publishers to prioritise content published by friends and families)

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When your opponents do the dirty work for you

I never thought that I’d say this: but Trump’s the Republicans presidency nominee. What so many dismissed as a joke or as impossible has actually come true. A couple of weeks ago, I published this post on Trumps successful, though controversial, PR-campaign. You might want to take a glance at it to better understand how the right kind of political PR is working in his favour. But back to the original topic: Trump’s nomination was announced on Tuesday and one day later, without wasting any time, Hillary’s PR-campaign released two anti-Trump ads.

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Live experiences: taking branding to the next level

While I always found it quite easy to come up with a communication plan for my assignments when a brand or corporation has obvious issues, having to be creative for brands that are well established, can be tricky. If technically nothing is wrong with how the brand is perceived, what can PR’s do that is new, exciting and generates buzz? Thanks to the amazing masterclass held by the BEcause XM agency I was able to attend two weeks ago, I now actually have an answer: live brand experience.

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Have you gone live yet?

The presidency election is currently going on in Austria and the newest campaigning trend is to stream the debates happening across the country live on Facebook. Though the idea of live streaming has been around for almost 15 years and Facebook is just the latest social media channel to introduce the live video feature, in the last couple of weeks I noticed an increased usage of this branding tool. From Ellen DeGeneres to Red Bull, a lot of personalities, brands and politicians are more and more using live streaming for PR purposes.

livestreaming_content_marketingSource: PRDaily

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Professional development is one of the biggest asset for success in PR

I’ve always loved studying, even though I was amongst those who occasionally questioned the necessity of some subjects for my professional future. My love for learning new things, submerging into unfamiliar topics and getting surprised and excited about details, and especially my weird adoration for random facts, have kept me going through two bachelor degrees and now also half-way through my PR master. You now might ask what this has actually to do with PR, and I will tell you… a lot. The PR profession is about using various communication tools to manage the reputation of organisations. While I know that this is quite a simplified version of what PR truly is, I want you to focus on one term here: communication tools.

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Trump: the world’s greatest troll with an effective PR campaign

When I heard that Trump is running for US president, I thought it was a joke. When I realized that it’s in fact NOT a joke, I thought there is no chance that he’ll win anything. Last Super Tuesday, I was proven so wrong. By running on a negative PR campaign, Trump has managed to defy conventional political wisdom. Following his political campaign is similar to watching trashy US reality TV: he’s holding rallies like rock concerts, he travels around in his private jet, constantly contradicts himself, attacks people left and right – from the Pope to Fox News – and yet sill, Trump’s perceived as authentic and the public voice.

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Good contacts isn’t the only must-have in the PR industry

This week, we had a controversial discussion in our lecture on whether it’s more important to have good connections within the industry than having a PR degree. In the case of PR, it’s easy to question the necessity of studying it, since many work successfully in the industry without having a PR-specified degree. Obviously, this debate can’t ever be settled; those that study PR will always say yes, those that haven’t no. However, I’m a supporter of studying. Not only because I enjoy it, but also because I believe that academically qualified practitioners can help the PR industry to finally get rid of its stereotypical reputation.

PRSource: Social Media Today

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